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Break Free

Healing and Wellness

with Trish Chesters

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Free your Body, Calm your Mind.

My passion is to support you through movement and wellness. To guide you in becoming pain-free both physically and mentally, realising you can Break Free from your current circumstance and live a life free of restrictions.


Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. I invite you to tap into that innate ability, guiding you to be in charge of your own wellness. Using techniques that soothe and ease the body, without medication.


There are many sides to wellness, and we need to focus on all areas of health. There is physical, mental and spiritual (our inner self) healing that encompasses my programs.

I  create a community where we not only encourage beautiful flowing movement but we connect with each other to gain friendship and support.

Winter Nourish & Nurture Pamper Session

Sunday 18th August

10am to 12:30pm

Join myself, Trish and Willy as we nurture your body with:

  • Flowing movement 

  • Womb massage

  • Oracle cards

  • Acupressure points massage

  • Meditation

  • High Tea

Investment: $90 per person

Limited to 10 people

Break Free Cottage

Come and stay in our delightful cottage in West Toodyay. Sit on the deck and listen to nature, as you view the magnificent hills surrounding the property.

Book in a treatment for the perfect staycation treat!

Cottage available for 2 guests. 1 bedroom: 1 bath.

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This 6-week package is a journey designed for you to ease your way out of pain and discomfort and revive your zest for life by freeing your body and calming your mind. It is completed over a six-week period, to allow time for your body to respond and for you to develop a routine of self-care. Placing you in the driving seat of your own treatment.

Our bodies are held in constant tension by connective tissue, called fascia. It holds in place every bone, muscle, and tissue. This tissue is multi-directional and has specific lines that we can assess called myofascial lines. We use these lines to assess where your body is tight, to find the origins of pain, not just where you are physically feeling it.

Because everything is connected to everything.

Movement Assessment (1-1.5hours)
•History of injuries and trauma to get the whole-body picture of where you are at.
•Evaluate each myofascial line, discovering where your fascia tissue is glued down (stuck or tight).
•Working on those tight areas to free your fascia tissue.
•Prescribing mobilising exercises for you to complete at home.
•Practising together and leaving with a video for you to take home.
Mobility and strength Sessions (5x 45min):
•One on one sessions specifically designed for your needs to create space and lengthen tissue.
•Using new training tools for 3D (multi-directional) strengthening.
•Work on any restrictions present on the day.
And for Mind and Body Connections:
• Welcome manual filled with everything needed to assist you on your journey.
• Vagal toning (to calm the nervous system)
• Lymphatic slapping (to flush toxins from your body)
• Essential Oils (for healing abilities)
• Nutrition (as food is connected to pain in the body)
• Access to Tutorials for the above

6 weekly sessions $500, payment plan available


This loving practise clears the lymphatic system, bringing you back to homeostasis (balance).

Add in a fascial release around the lymph sites , and you’ve got your whole body covered.

Expect to enter a calm, peaceful space, listening to the soft sounds of yoga drums. Enjoy a refreshing herbal tea whilst we chat about what to expect during the session.

Experience the healing power of essential oils, and magnesium balm, whilst I release all lymphatic sites through gentle but effective massage.

Feel the powerful healing of vibrational massage that will release your fascia tissue and leave your body relaxed and free from tension.

Indulge your body, calm the mind and invest in yourself 
Please allow 3 days between booking and your treatment to complete the pre-work for this treatment.

2 hours: $130

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Stabilise, energise and realign your body in this one hour class designed to leave you feeling free.

If we invite ourselves the opportunity for release, relaxation, and rejuvenation before commencing exercise.

If we start with focused breathing, activating the Vagus nerve, bringing us into our parasympathetic nervous system. We are saying to our bodies, “I’ve got you. I am calm and relaxed”.

Our bodies will respond by relaxing into flowing movement, switching off the brace response, allowing us to heal and recover.

Now we can work the pain centre knowing our body is with us, responding with calm and ease, which gives us greater mobility.


$20 per 1 hour session or VIP Membership $40 per week for 6 weeks

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Strengthen and align your body with your own personalised Fit package including Animal Flow.

Use new training tools; ViPR's, Sandbells, Foam Rollers and therabands.

Become functionally fit for your life.


A package over 6 weeks  @ $45 per session.

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If you are experiencing chronic pain or you are finding it difficult to move freely, book in for my Myofascial Movement assessment where we examine each Myofascial line to discover and treat the true point of your discomfort.

Movement Assessment (1-1.5hours)

•History of injuries and trauma to get the whole-body picture

•Evaluate each myofascial line, discovering where your fascia tissue is glued down (stuck or tight).

•Working on those tight areas to free your fascia tissue.

•Prescribing mobilising exercises for you to complete at home.

•Practising together and leaving with a video for you to take home.

$160 for 130min session with a personalised take home program.

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Ma Li

The most extraordinary and relaxing experience

Trish took tremendous care of me. She’s incredibly gifted and radiates so much goodness and kindness.

I can’t wait to return. Staying in the cottage has been wonderfully restorative too.

Cassie B

I had come to Toodyay Break Free mentally and physically a completely broken person.

Endless sleepless nights and in constant pain.

Physically exhausted from life.

I had tried Physio, chiro, psychologists, and psychiatrists

But with no long term solutions.

I Met Trish at one of her day workshops.

From there Trish and I have started the journey of re building me.

Trish is teaching me to re align my body and facia tissue,

clear my blockages and look after my lymphatic system.

As well as helping me with my personal growth.

I would strongly recommend Trish.

Chris Cornforth

I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the classes with Trish Chesters. I have complete trust that she is very knowledgeable about her way of working with us. Trish is able to adapt exercises to individual requirements due to movement limitations when it is necessary, therefore providing a safe space in which to test each body's capabilities. The classes are so varied that it's never boring; which is important from my perspective. Best of all is that I am fitter and more supple, managing to do things I couldn't do even when I was a younger woman. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Trish's classes to anyone looking to have fun while doing exercise.

Andrea S

I had a lymphatic reset with Trish and wow, it really put me back into alignment. My brain fog and lethargy lifted. It was so relaxing and had long term effects. Definitely go back for another when needed. 

Thank you Trish.

Melissa Howell

I started to see Trish after more than a year of pain in a foot. I’ve been seeing a podiatrist and even had a cortisone injection. My next step was to see a surgeon.


In just 5 weeks of committing to the daily exercises recommended by Trish, the pain has subsided and we are continuing to work together on a wholistic approach to a hip issue which appears to be part of the cause.


Trish encourages a whole body & mind approach to health and wellness. I know I have to do the work, the exercises easily fit into my day and I have total trust in her advice and knowledge.


The results are proof that she knows her stuff. Thanks Trish.

Heather Clark

My experience attending Toodyay Breakfree and MelissaMade chakra healing session was wonderful, uplifting and enlightening. These two beautiful souls create a safe space to move, meditate, ignite and heal. The MelissaMade products were divine and so suited the intention of the session. The morning tea was nourishing to the soul. I highly recommend and will definitely attend the next one!

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0484 691 303

410 Toodyay West Road,

 West Toodyay 6566


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