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Runner's Club

11 week Challenge

for experienced runners


Runners 11 Week programs for experienced runners:

Whether it be to gain a faster per kilometer speed, run longer distances, maintain correct form or just to run in a group setting, then join my Running 11-week Challenge. We will work on strength to prevent injuries and keep those hips, glutes and core strong.

Monday to Friday 5:45am - 6:45am

Mon/Wed/Thurs: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

 Village Green, Rockingham.

$36 week for 11 weeks (T&C's apply)

  1. Correct technique instruction and drills to prevent injuries and keep your running journey on track.

  2. Free take home yoga bands for strengthening exercises.

  3. Membership into the VIP Facebook group.

  4. Access to “how-to” videos for your take home exercises.

  5. Nutrition plans to fuel your body correctly.               ( additional costs)

  6. On line contact with me, whenever you require assistance or just to chat.

  7. Weekly challenges via the VIP Facebook page.

  8. Trish’s clean eating recipe e-boo

  9. One on one discussion on 2020 goals and a discuss a plan on how to get there😊

  10. Star of the Month award to the leading participant

  11. Weekly Challenges to keep you on track.​

  12. A medal to finish the Round for all participants.

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