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3D Flowing Movement

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When you imagined hitting 40, were you thinking of:

Extra income


Hubbie, Wife, Partner

Financially secure

Living life to the full

Chances are, you weren't expecting:

Hard to get out of bed

Niggling aches

Restricted movement

Can't get to the floor and stay there comfortably

Unable to get down on your knees

Not as active as you used to be

Is it all downhill from here?

Menopause is just around the corner...

Your body can still feel like it's 30, whilst retaining the knowledge of a woman in her prime. Society tells you to expect aging and a lack of mobility to go hand in hand. That's not the case, you just haven't been given the tools to change this.


Wellness and Vitality Reset

Free your body, free your mind.

This 6-week package is a journey designed for you to ease your way out of pain and discomfort and revive your zest for life by freeing your body and your mind.


It is completed over a six-week period, to allow time for your body to respond and for you to develop a routine of self-care. Placing you in the driving seat of your own treatment.

Our bodies are held in constant tension by connective tissue, called fascia. It holds in place every bone, muscle, and tissue. This tissue is multi-directional and has specific lines that we can assess called myofascial lines. We use these lines to assess where your body is tight, to find the origins of pain, not just where you are physically feeling it.

Because everything is connected to everything.



Movement Assessment (1-1.5hours)

•History of injuries and trauma to get the whole-body picture of where you are at.

•Evaluate each myofascial line, discovering where your fascia tissue is glued down (stuck or tight).

•Working on those tight areas to free your fascia tissue.

•Prescribing mobilising exercises for you to complete at home.

•Practising together and leaving with a video for you to take home.

Mobility and strength Sessions (5x 45min):

•One on one sessions specifically designed for your needs to create space and lengthen tissue.

•Using new training tools for 3D (multi-directional) strengthening.

•Work on any restrictions present on the day.



And for Mind and Body Connections:

• Welcome manual filled with everything needed to assist you on your journey.

• Vagal toning (to calm the nervous system)

• Lymphatic slapping (to flush toxins from your body)

• Essential Oils (for healing abilities)

• Nutrition (as food is connected to pain in the body)

• Access to Tutorials for the above


Investment: $500

6-week payment plan available.

Comment below if you'd like to discuss or book in.

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