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Winter Winners

We have a new and exciting format encompassing your running, strength, mind, and body connection. Making you fitter and stronger physically and emotionally. There is a new class timetable, check it out below. We have added in a fortnightly long run Sunday designed to have you running longer distances to build endurance and mind strength. If you are wanting to run an event, then here is your opportunity to add in that extra training. 


Starting with New class times:


5:45am to 6:45am Village Green, Rockingham


Gary Holland Centre Mobility session


5:45am to 6:45am Churchill Park

3D Strength training
Weekly classes using ViPR's, sand bells and bands.

VIP Facebook Group
This is where we meet, chat and support each other. All the news of events and challenges will be in here.

Rest and Restoration Week 6 and bonus Week 13
Introducing a rest and restoration week where there are no face-to-face classes. You will have a choice of 7 different online You Tube classes to choose from that involve rest and recovery. Tips posted daily to assist your mindset about the importance of recovery.

On-line weekly Challenges
Keeping you on track, invested and making small changes to your daily life.


Price: $40 Week for 12 weeks

Direct Debit: Provider Go Cardless

End of Round Event
Come with us for a wonderful morning of food, sound healing, mobility and pamper session with Melissa Made with Love, Cost: $60

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Is this right for me?

Whether you are a runner, or would like to be one, Ladies on the Run is for you.
Have you always wanted to learn how to Run?
Are you wanting a small group and safe place? 
I do not just teach you to run, I become invested in your success.

I tailor a program to you as an individual, it is not a one size fits all.

No matter your level of fitness, including no fitness, I can help you.

3D Strength Training

What’s it all about?
We want to load the muscles at length opposed to shortening the muscle under tension.
Make movements integrated and 3D instead of in one plane. Replicating life and our activities we enjoy.
We want to make it rhythmical and smooth, as opposed to short sharp bursts of load.
We use new tools like ViPR’s and sand bells, whilst keeping some of our traditional tools( but used in different ways)

Using our natural environment like gravity and ground reaction force

Lastly remembering that All movement is myofascial.

Rest and Restoration
Week 6 & 13

Brand new to our schedule is our Rest and Restoration week. This allows you to rest, re-set your focus and restore your body ready for the second half of the Round. We have added in a bonus week at the end of the Round for you as well. 

Try a foam rolling session to repair your body
Try a meditation to relax and empty the mind
Have a week of on-point nutrition to cleanse and restore.
Take one of our stretch classes to improve your flexibility.

Learn to Run in 12 weeks program:

Initial one on one consult where we go through the whole program to assist you in releasing any fear or hesitancy you may have.

Face to face lessons at Village Green and Churchill Park each week.

Trainerize App with all your workout plans for on the go running.

Correct technique instruction and drills to prevent injuries and give you the best start to your running journey.

Free take home yoga bands for strengthening exercises.

Membership into the VIP Facebook group.

Access to “how-to” videos for your take home exercises.

On line contact with me, whenever you require assistance or just to chat.

Weekly challenges via the VIP Facebook page.

Price: $40 Week for 12 weeks

Direct Debit: Provider Go Cardless

End of Round Event
Come with us for a wonderful morning of food, sound healing, mobility and pamper session with Melissa Made with Love, Cost: $60

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Privacy Policy:

It's important you can trust us with your personal information. We take your privacy and security very seriously.

We'll only ask you for the information we need to help you build and protect your well-being.

Terms and Conditions:

No cancellations, only exceptions . . .

  • Medical certificate stating you are unfit to train for the rest of the program.

  • Medical certificate stating you are pregnant.

  • If you move more than 30 km from the training location.

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