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Kickstart 2021

commencing 11th January 

Looking to start 2021 by changing your mind/body and nutrition?

Looking to join a group of supportive and encouraging Ladies?

Wanting to perfect your running, gain strength and conquer your mind?

Join us for our Kickstart 2021 program over 12 weeks to get you feeling fabulous inside and out.



Here's what you'll receive:

Welcome Pack which contains:

  • Gratitude journal.

  • Food journal, water journal.

  • All the tips and tricks for staying healthy inside and out.


Nutrition plans (additional costs):

  • Written by a qualified Australian nutritionist.

  • Macro's worked out for you.

  • Mix and match meals.

  • Enough meals for 5 months.

  • Smoothie detox plans.


8 sessions per week at Village Green, Rockingham.

  • MON TO FRI: 5.45AM – 6.45AM.

  • MON/TUES/WED: 5:30PM - 6:30PM.

  • 3D strength training and fitball classes.

  • Access to our private You Tube strength training sessions.

  • Running intervals.

  • Hill sessions (Point Perron).

  • Beach sessions (Rockingham foreshore).

  • Medals for all participants completing the Challenge.

  • Week 9 is on-line Week, where all your training will be via our Trainerize App and You-Tube channel.

        WEEK 9 IS FREE!!

Your investment:

$40 week for 11 weeks

Nutrition manuals are HALF price for this Round:

$50:  111 Wholefoods Recipes Manual

$24.50:  111 Smoothie and Juices Manual


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