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Andrea Leavy

When I started the 8 Week Challenge I ran the 5Km Park Run in the mid 35 mins and that was a struggle!  My goal for the challenge was to beat my personal best of 33:50.

Each week I followed the program which included interval training, strength and band sessions and regular running sessions.

The weekly challenges of skipping, abs sessions and drinking water made certainly made each week different and fun. Posting our photos and videos to the group really helped and make me accountable.

Trish did an amazing job of keeping us on track by posting videos of each exercise and loads of encouragement via Facebook as well as during our interval training and any other time that we needed her.

I loved the flexibility of the program so I could fit it into my lifestyle and the 100% support throughout each week from Trish.

At the end of the 8 Week Challenge I am so pleased with my results. I have lost weight, I feel so much stronger when I run and completed a 5km in 32:58 mins. I never thought I would ever be able to run that fast! 

The 8 Week Challenge has been amazing and has kick started my love of skipping and strength work all of which help me to run faster.  I highly recommend that 8 Week Challenge to anyone.


Gaye Elwell

Trish is an amazing trainer and motivator. I have been running for a while now but believed 10km was the maximum I could achieve.


Thanks to the plan Trish prepared for me and the support she provided, I have now completed 2 half marathons and 1 marathon.


My goal this year is to do 2 half marathons, reducing my time for each. I have no doubt I will achieve this goal.


Jody McGill

I highly recommend Trish Chesters Fitness Groups I have participated in her sessions a number of times and they are always well prepared and set up.


Trish is a very motivated, encouraging trainer and has a good knowledge of different aspects of exercise and Running programs.


She is very professional and safety conscious. I have really enjoyed Trish’s Groups.

Gill Hamill.jpg

Gill Hamill

I have spent several months learning to run correctly through the Learn to Run program with Trish. She has managed to take a non-runner with knee issues and turn me into a runner.


Trish understands when I need to pull back or challenge myself and will adjust my program to cater for my needs.


Not only has Trish developed me physically but mentally, enabling me to challenge myself more. I am just coming back from an injury and with the help of Trish, I feel I am coming back stronger in every way.


Corine-Lee Hubbard

I am pleased to recommend Trish Chesters as a running coach.


She is positive, upbeat and highly skilled. Her clients have great things to say about her, and she would be a tremendous asset to anyone requiring her expert services.


Trish excels in interacting with clients, she takes the time to correct your running or training technique and has amazing patience when you are new to an exercise.


I'm well impressed that she has adjusted her weekly class to suit my level of training. She has a bright disposition and is outgoing, never unwilling to answer questions.


For this reason, her clients enjoy working with her and even recommend her.

Rebecca Bermudo.png

Rebecca Bermudo

If you want to learn how to run, then Trish is person for you.


Trish knows her stuff really well, is passionate and focuses on technique big time.


I have been involved in other running programs, but no one has ever taught me the technique that Trish does.


Before I started this program yes, I could run 5km but very badly. Now I know what checks to do and how to breathe when I start to feel tired. I


I'm really looking forward to doing the 5km with the group and using everything I've learned and seeing how different it will be. Thanks Trish it's been worth every $.

Kerry Glennan.jpg

Kerry Glennan

The classes are fun and different every session, Trish is in contact all throughout the week giving encouragement, video training sessions.


I have seen my overall time increase significantly in the 1st 8 weeks.

Sharon Young.png

Sharon Young

If you’re looking for a fun way to learn to run, then I highly recommend Trish.


I’ve enjoyed the Learn to Run classes so much, I’m signing up for The Run Club classes!


I’ve learnt so much on exercising, stretching, better choices on eating and drink water, water, water.


Thanks for all your help and support of the last 11 weeks.

Julie Dallas.JPG

Julie Dellas

Thank you sooo much for this 8 week challenge!

I have learnt so much about nutrition, exercise technique, running, commitment and the power of my mind.

I can't thank you enough for your professionalism, your  knowledge and your never wavering support.

I'm all fired up for new challenges for the new year!

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Carolyn Tanner (right)

Trish gave our group an 8 week challenge to improve our basic fitness to achieve better performances in our running.


The outcome was fantastic, I was amazed how much I had improved after the series of exercises she gave me to do every week.


I was able to achieve a PB at my weekly Park Run, something I had been struggling with.


My overall fitness improved and I felt more energetic due to the specific exercises Trish focused on.


Trish also focuses on individual goals as well as working with the group and has great communication skills. Highly recommend Trish as a personal trainer.

Claudia Wells

Trish is a great coach, supportive and caring. Highly recommend her, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

Deb Whelan

I just did an awesome upper body weight strength training session with Trish at Run Fit @ Home & I know I will be feeling it for days😄 


Trish is a fantastic trainer with great knowledge, support and motivation for all the lovely ladies who train with her.


Thank you Trish I loved it 😊💪😁

Kathy Allen(middle)

No judgement, just a friendly bunch of women who will encourage you along the way.


Trish will train you to run in a safe, supportive manner to meet your running goals.

Suzanna Wallace(right)

I loved Trish's learn to run group. It gave me confidence that I was running correctly and made me stronger mentally on what I could achieve.


I liked the team environment and the friends I made along the way. Ladies on the run is a fun group to be apart of. Learning to run has opened new door ways and busted some of my belief systems.


Thanks heaps Trish for creating such a great group. If you are hesitating in joining a running group, don't you will get so much value from being in a group environment and you will achieve so much more.

Ali Grenning (right)

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Trish for helping me to find my motivation again!


Already seeing and feeling positive results after being unwell for a while.


Trish has been patient, understanding and very knowledgeable in helping me improve my all round fitness and for anyone who knows me actually running!


Thank you Trish, see you tomorrow 😊

Renae Hutcheson

If you are looking for a supportive, encouraging group of women to get your mojo back and start doing something for yourself Trish Chesters is your lady ❤️ 


she never gives up on you and with you all the way ... learn how to run correctly and find yourself a new ‘addiction’!!

Hazel Brierely (left)

Ladies on the run is a welcoming group of like minded ladies, of all fitness levels. You will learn you are capable of more than you thought possible under Coach Trish's tuition.


I am so glad I joined this group of happy!

Cush Gooch

Highly recommend Trish Chesters. Since I started this challenge, 8 weeks ago, I have beaten my PB three times over!! In the 5km and 10km distances.


Fun...friendly...Motivating and professional! And all the ladies in the group a soo beautiful too!

Dana Vantevova Maldonado

Trish is an amazing coach. I enjoy every session with the ladies.


It motivates me to get up and go running with the correct techniques. everyone supports each other. Never in a million years did I think I could run 10 kms in one go.


Thank you Trish and my running buddies. 🏃‍♂️❤️

Kerrie Driver

I can’t recommend Trish and her Learn to Run program enough!


I went from barely able to run for 60 seconds to being able to run 10km without stopping.


Trish really is so knowledgeable and supportive and will help you achieve your goals with her training sessions, which are a lot of fun, and diet advice.


You will also meet some fantastic, equally-supportive running friends.


This was life-changing for me. Thanks Trish 🏃🏼‍♀️🙌🏻 💕

Kirsty Peddie

Ladies on the Run training is life changing. Not only do I enjoy learning to run with the right techniques, but I actually love the strength training.


It is not just the physical fitness side, it’s about the whole body, Trish encourages good nutrition and mental health as well and provides the tools to assist in the journey.


Trish’s programs are amazingly detailed and the challenges provide so much motivation.


Trish is a really supportive coach who never gives up on you, but gently nudges you in the right direction.

Danielle Harriss

Trish is by far the best coach I have ever come across! I've been struggling with my weight and fitness my whole life.


I had a goal for 2020 ~ to quit the fad diets and gym and learn to run, so I could run Parkrun with my son. In 11 weeks that is exactly what Trish taught me! Going from 30seconds of jogging to now well over 6kms.


I feel fit, strong and empowered by Trish's training.


Trish is super supportive and has really helped me with my goal, I will continue with her as I am getting stronger and faster every week.


Never did I feel I wasn't capable in any of the classes. Thank you xx

Julie Arnaud

After 2 kids I thought my running days were over as I always tried and failed and hurt myself.


Trish has gotten me back into running again and shown me how to run correctly with proper technique and in turn, not injure myself.


Highly recommend the program.

Fiona Caird Thomson

Trish is a great, encouraging coach!


I love being able to get outside & run with a lovely group of friendly, like minded women.

Leigh JC

Recommendation for @rockingham Ladies On The Run with Trish Chesters-
My fitness levels & weight have been like a yo-yo for years, so when someone suggested ‘learn to run’ with Trish Chesters, I actually was hesitant, because I’d always thought “I’m not a runner”.


Ha! I proved myself wrong very quickly, and with Trish’s guidance I built up the ability to run over 6km.
You may think there’s not much to learn about running, but you’d be wrong.

I have learnt so much, from posture to breathing, and Trish will take into consideration limitations, injuries, fitness level, and help you to still get the most out of each session.

Having access to her Zoom fitness sessions while COVID kept us all indoors was so helpful too.
While I haven’t been lately due to medical issues, I can’t wait to get back into it, as I know Trish will do whatever she can to help me reach my goals.


Highly recommended 💜

Julie Shadbolt

 I joined Trish's Learn To Run Training program and I could not be happier.


Not only is Trish very professional but very supportive, which is so important.


Her experience and knowledge is obvious during every training session, and everyone benefits as she covers all levels of fitness.


Highly recommend.

Kareena Preston

This is the cray cray bunch of ladies I run with from

Rockingham Ladies On The Run

. We run at stupid o'clock, rain, hail or shine...(but hey, life as a swim coach, so I'm used to it).

Sometimes our coach has to use her whistle to keep us in check (guilty).


If you want to run but don't know where to start...this is for you.

Trishwill teach you all the drills, skills and techniques to run properly and injury free. She can adapt the session to every level and there is the awesome 'Learn to Run' group to kick-start your running goals. Even if you have never run before or think its going to be too hard for you. Ditch that idea now! This coach knows her stuff and will ease you in.

There is also a group for more conditioned runners, so get in touch if you are keen.

No one is going to get you fit and healthy except you. So just do it.

Sally Esposito

Trish is a very professional running coach. Trish is very mindful of each participants abilities.


Positivity and encouragement are the main tools of communication for Trish, this gives me a ‘can Do’ mind set. We are not pushed or yelled at, just encouraged.


I feel very confident in my ability to complete this 12 week course without injury as our warm up and cool down sessions are awesome.


I highly recommend Trish as a running coach.

Kerry Driver

I highly recommend Trish as a running and fitness coach. When I started Trish’s Learn to Run program I hadn’t exercised in years and was incredibly nervous at the thought.


Trish’s knowledge and training methods had me running 5kms in just three months, something I thought would be impossible!


Trish takes the time to get to know you and is very approachable if you have any concerns. With Trish’s training and encouragement I’ve gone on to set and reach more goals.


I’m now running more than 10kms often. It has truly been life changing for me and I can’t thank her enough.


You are amazing Trish!! Thank you!! Kerrie

Vicki McClelland

Trish is an extremely positive, knowledgeable and supportive trainer.


She makes your goals achievable such as her 5km run program over 12 weeks.


Each week you run a little bit further so you are tired but not overwhelmed. At no point do you feel like giving up because you can't do it.


The best bit is her strong focus on correct warming up, technique and stretching.


I could not recommend Trish highly enough and am so thankful that I am learning to run 😀

Debbie Cook

Having previously resigned myself to the fact that my running years had long gone, Trish has completely reversed my mindset.


Her passion for everyone to succeed, her positivity, dedication, encouragement, coaching style and inspirational leadership skills are outstanding.


Within 3 weeks of starting with Trish’s Learn to Run Group we can now run over 3km. There’ll be no stopping us by week 12!


Come and give it a try.... you won’t regret it.

Julie Glover

When I first enquired about Trish’s ‘Learn to Run’ programme I thought it would be impossible for me to a) get out of bed at 5am and b) to be able to run 5km. Well, to my total amazement, this programme defied both – I now love getting up early AND going for a run!


I highly recommend ‘Ladies on the Run’ and cannot thank Trish Chesters enough.  For me it has been life-changing; I feel so, so much better in myself… and it has had so many benefits, not just physically, but also on a mental and emotional level.


Trish’s professional and caring approach enables you to know you’re in safe hands. She uses techniques that eases you into the process – and I never realised there are ‘proper ways’ to run that support your body! She also encourages the right kind of mindset to get you through each stage.


Taking that first step to participate in this is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Trish is dedicated and passionate about what she does and I’m very grateful for her way and approach in her ‘Ladies on the Run’ programme.


Julie Glover, Ladies on the Run participant, June-Aug 2020

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