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Lymph Love with Castor Oil

Taking control of our individual health, placing the responsibility in our own hands, is a great way to intimately know your own body. What better way to get to enhance your wellbeing than by getting to know your lymphatic system? There are simple techniques that you can complete daily to keep your lymph flowing and now, by adding castor oil into the mix, we can also use targeted reduction of inflammation in the body.

I’ve spoken a lot about the role of the lymphatic system in class and in my posts but stick with me as we briefly chat about the lymphatic system and the role it plays in our health. Here’s an overview of primary functions:

  • Identify and filter toxins and metabolic waste.

  • Returns interstitial fluid to blood, regulating blood volume & pressure.

  • Absorb and Transport fats from the digestive tract.

The Lymphatic system also contains secondary lymphoid organs showing that the lymph is controlling an integral part of our overall well-being and ability to fight off infection:

  • Spleen: Largest organ of the lymphatic system

  • Tonsils: the Gatekeeper

  • Appendix: Carries white blood cells to the sites of infection

  • Bone Marrow: white and red blood cells are produced here

  • Thymus: Fighter cells are matured here

  • Peyer’s Patch: small masses of lymph tissue in the mucus membrane that lines your intestines

  • Nodes: Lymph vessels always drain to a node.

When the system is working in synergy & the lymph fluid is properly flowing and draining, optimal health results. Unfortunately, congested & clogged lymph is quite common. Stagnant lymph is caused by several things such as:

  • chronic stress

  • toxin overload

  • lack of movement

  • inflammation

  • tight clothing

  • dehydration

When lymph stagnates, disease occurs! Therefore, lymphatic flow is KEY for optimal health!


I’m a great supporter of the BIG 6 Lymph massage by Dr Perry Nickelston. This is such a simple task, that costs nothing, takes little effort with huge results. Doing this routine daily has certainly altered the way I address pain and inflammation, as well as being the catalyst for understanding that stuck lymph also affects our mobility. Dr Perry is on Facebook, Instagram and You-Tube, so check him out to learn more. (Stop Chasing Pain)

Now the BIG 6 lymph massage is powerful on its own, but I have been adding in castor oil to my own lymphatic night time routine for a number of benefits.


Castor OIL is rich in Ricinoleic acid which is known to reduce inflammatory responses by penetrating the skin and activating the EP3 receptors in the body. These receptors play a role in inflammation regulation and may reduce pain and swelling.


Castor oil applied externally activates the receptors on the surface of the cells in the lymphatic system. This process supports the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms by aiding lymphatic flow to facilitate the removal of waste.


By adding the castor oil into my lymph nighttime routine, I have seen for myself a decrease in belly fat, due to the removal of inflammation. This is just me, no scientific research paper, just my own experience. I am not a medical doctor, and this is not medical advice. Please consult your own physician if you have any concerns.


Each night I fill my belly button with castor oil (high grade, hexane free). I massage this all over my belly using techniques taught by Dr Perry. I massage my solar plexus (central top of the ribcage), under each rib cage, my sacral chakra (belly button area) and dig deep into the hips. The whole massage takes only a couple of minutes. I also massage castor oil into my entire body. My skin is smooth, hydrated and feels softer now.

If you're not keen on sticky, then I recommend placing a towel underneath yourself in bed, to protect your sheets. Otherwise you could consider using a wrap.

Ensure your not getting out of bed again if you include your feet, unless you have slippers at the ready.

You will not have any grip to hold yourself steady, no one wants to fall.

Castor oil also works well in a castor oil wrap. These can be done at any time. You can detox the liver, reduce muscle soreness and swelling/inflammation. Wraps are effective for targeted healing, just add your castor oil to the wrap, pop it on and you’re good to go. The addition of herbs like cayenne pepper, turmeric and ginger will aid in reducing pain and inflammation. You can apply a heat pack over the top for a 30-45 minute treatment.

 I am such a fan of castor oil now and believe in the benefits of its use, that my updated Lymphascial Reset now includes my castor oil blend consisting of:


Castor oil (hexane free)

doTERRA Fractionated coconut oil

doTERRA Lemongrass essential oil

doTERRA Cypress essential oil

doTERRA Ice blue essential oil

doTERRA Turmeric essential oil

doTERRA Aroma Touch essential Oil

If you are looking to find out more about Castor Oil, stay tuned for new additions to my treatment offering. In the meantime, why not try my Lymphascial Reset to kickstart your lymph loving journey, or if you’ve already had one, why not book in for another session to honour yourself.




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